How does it work

Borrower discovers a property
TURN 2 underwrites the deal in days
Investor closes with cash in less than two weeks
Investor rehabs property and adds improvements using personal capital
Construction is completed and the property is listed within 6-12 months
Home is sold, loan is repaid, and the borrower makes on average 25-35%

Loan Process

TURN 2 meets the borrower, gets an understanding of their background, and the project details

TURN 2 begins its proprietary financial underwriting process, including a potential on-site property visit

TURN 2 creates a final lending package with financing options for the borrower to review

TURN 2 coordinates with property owner, closing agent, and title company to ensure timeliness and accuracy

Why Choose Us

Banks are slow and lend based on the borrower’s personal financial situation

We are able to move quickly and evaluate each loan based on the property

We are creative about financing options and act in an advisory role

Deals structured with the client in mind

Terms TURN 2 LENDING Banks Hard Money Lenders
Flexible Terms Always Never Sometimes
Fast Closing Always Never Sometimes
Underwriting on Collateral Always Never Always
Appraisal Fees Never Always Sometimes
Legal Fees Never Always Sometimes
Underwriting on Collateral Always Never Always
Points 2-5% 2-6% 3-10%
Down Payment 0% 20-30% 10-30%
Loan-to-Value (up to) 100% 70-80% 70-90%
Interest Rate 12-15% 7-13% 12-18%
Pre-Payment Penalties Never Always Sometimes
Cash Upfront or Drawn All Cash Upfront Usually Combination Usually Combination
Construction Updates Never Required Required
Debt and Equity Flexible Structures Available Debt Only Debt Only

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Borrower’s Return on Investment




Borrower’s Return on Investment

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